Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Making your pack-film last...Fuji Fp100c one shots part two, bracketing

Now that you have a simple way to separate your packfilm shots out to shoot individual shots, let's get even cheaper! Let's try bracketing. All you need is your empty pack, darkslides, film, and a silver marker. First let's mark the darkslides. Using one of your packs, separate the image area into the slices you will bracket(see image).Load the darkslide into the cartridge in light so that the edge meets your first mark. Load it with the black side out- not the silver and black side out. It is easier to see your marks that way. Load it into your camera and make a dot where the darkslide meets the film door. Take the pack back out and pull the darkslide to where it meets your second mark. Re load it and re mark with a dot at the film door. Unload it and repeat a third time. This will give you 4 brackets. Put every thing in the changing bag and replace the darkslide with your new and improved darkslide. When shooting brackets, pull to the first mark and take your shot, then pull to the second, and so on until you have removed the darkslide on the 4th shot.

Some notes about this process:
  • The edge is a bit sloppy, but it will work. If you want to, you could use masking tape to reinforce the film edge of the darkslide.
  • After doing this with four brackets, I think I may go with three. It helps compensate for the inevitable slop and light leaking.
  • This kind of bracketing is cumulative. it works with long exposure, because with each pull the time adds on to one prior. 
  • It is ideal for dialing in night time exposure,  as reciprocity failure makes predicting times at night difficult. It also works great with pinhole shots.
  •  In the images above i did not use a heavy tripod and a remote shutter, hence the shake on the overexposed stuff.
  • Be very careful not to grab the white tab when you are pulling the darkslide. A tiny bit of tape on the film edge tear away strip(per the prior blog on one shots) is not a bad idea, either.
  • If you haven't noticed- I am a packrat. I save all of my packs and all of my darkslides and store the negatives for later darkroom use! From here on out, it may be a good idea to save those packs!
  • Be looking out for my next posting- one shots part three!

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