Monday, September 5, 2016

My Polaroid obsession

I have always had an interest in photography as a tool. I would take pictures to use for my paintings. I would take pictures to reference for drawings and prints. I would take pictures to record important events. Then I discovered the darkroom! My imagination went wild- the possibilities of a painterly process with a mechanical tool sounded great! A flood destroyed my darkroom right at the beginning of the digital age. I put my painterly photography needs on a back shelf. About four years ago I found some Polaroid cameras in a free art supply pile. That was the beginning of my addiction and my Polaroid camera collection. This is an image of a small portion of my collection, the 600 series cameras. I will try to post more as I display them. I have cameras from the earliest days (1949) to the last days of Polaroid as a camera and film company. My favorite to shoot are packfilm cameras, but I also like shooting the other formats(spectra, 600, and sx-70).
Actually, the bottom row is two deep- there are 8 cameras behind that row! So we are looking at 49 cameras just in the 600 series!

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