Sunday, September 18, 2016

My Polaroid obsession part two: plastic packfilm cameras

Unfortunately I don't have a museum, so I cannot put all of my Polaroid cameras on display. Pulling them out of totes, dusting them and inventorying them is the closest I can get. Someday I will have my museum!
The cameras I am sharing today are my consumer grade plastic packfilm cameras. They are both the type 100 and type 88 cameras. Some have plastic lenses, some glass lenses. Many have development timers, and most have variable distance focusing. They are fairly simple to shoot with, and generally take very nice pictures. If you see these for sale, there is a good chance you can shoot with them. Just look for clean battery contacts. The type 88 film packs were discontinued quite a while ago, but the type 100 has been manufactured by Fuji as FP100c. Fuji has discontinued production of this film in 2016, but there will be inventory for the foreseeable future. New 55 and Supersense, and Catlabs of JP are going to take up the mantle and produce packfilm soon, so there should not be a supply gap.
Why shoot these plastic packfilm cameras? The simple answer is FUN! If you are into Lomography, or Fantastic Plastic, then you will love these time machines!
My favorite is the Super Colorpack. Try one of these cameras out and do your part to preserve a bit of our history while taking cool photos!

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