Monday, September 19, 2016

My Polaroid obsession part three: packfilm cameras with bellows or folding packfilm cameras

The showcase of my Polaroids is far from over! If your response has started at polite interest and now moved on to genuine concern- don't get too comfortable! Below are my folding packfilm or bellows packfilm consumer cameras. These are my favorites- even above my SX-70 cameras! They use the film I love (peel apart) and they are very well built- especially the metal ones! The cheapest ones have funky features, like measuring head height to get the camera in focus! My favorite of all , the 195, is fully manual and has the fastest lens at 3.8.  My favorite automatic is the 450, which uses flash cubes and a focus flash which uses louvers to control the flash. Though most of these are from the sixties, they are some of the best Polaroid cameras built!
The Zeiss Icon rangefinder can be found on most of the high end models.

The one on the front left, the 195, is my favorite.

The odd looking black ones are the "new" packfilm cameras that were released later. Though they are nice looking, they are not nearly as well built.

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