Sunday, September 4, 2016

Polaroid to intaglio sketch with a four dollar press

First a little of my art background with this medium. I made intaglio prints in my undergrad years and always intended to continue. 20 years went by without a single print being made(no press was available). I went to grad school and got to make intaglios again. Now I am done with grad school and I swore that I would not wait another 20 years! I found this tiny embossing press at a thrift shop for four dollars. It has a geared metal bed and was designed for craft. I used a stack of ordinary craft felt, and did my engraving on copper with a combination of needle tool, electric engraver, and burnisher. The prints are exactly the size of a polaroid print. My mini prints will tide me over until I can get a large quality intaglio press. Next step, aquatints!

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